Greensboro, North Carolina

Bio: One broke girl. One million problems. I am 41. I have a 13y DD, a 19y DD, and a 20y DS. The oldest and the youngest live with me. I have a job. I am lucky. My son, Justin, has a decent part time job with shift differential. He is lucky, too. My daughter, Eva, her father cut his child support 40% this year. My boyfriend lives with us in a townhome apartment that we cant afford. He lost his job over a year ago. He is not so lucky but he has me. We all have two dogs, a neglected hampster in a pepto pink cage, a bunch of dead houseplants, one damaged car without tags and one financed car I'll never totally own. What is mine? Bills. For. Everything. Clothes and field trip fees and emergency rooms copays, gym shoes, work shoes and broken things, business lunches, bent box springs, school supplies, birthday gifts, booster shots, flu shots, flea medicine, booster clubs, discount clubs, food clubs, pallets of toilet tissue, dirty carpets, cleaners, tampons, sick days, ice cream, pizza, diet plans, online classes, student loans, a car loan, energy bills, cable bills, phone bills, rent, that damn dirty pay day loan, and the car insurance that is probably cancelled by now. Just to name a few.

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