Buttonwood: The next financial crisis may be triggered by central banks

Posted: September 28, 2017 in economy
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The next financial crisis may be triggered by central banks

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When the cycle turns

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The spotlight shifts from Germany to France

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AS WITH London buses, don’t worry if you miss a financial crisis; another will be along shortly. The latest study on long-term asset returns from Deutsche Bank shows that crises in developed markets have become much more common in recent decades. That does not bode well.
Deutsche defines a crisis as a period when a country suffers one of the following: a 15% annual decline in equities; a 10% fall in its currency or its government bonds; a default on its national debt; or a period of double-digit inflation. During the 19th century, only occasionally did more than half of countries for which there are data suffer such a shock in a single year. But since the 1980s, in …

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