Free exchange: The end of “secular stagnation”?

Posted: March 10, 2017 in economy
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Economic recovery will put the theory of “secular stagnation” to the test

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Borrowed time

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Free exchange

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Quantum leaps

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Free exchange

IN PERIODS of economic stress all sorts of theories are entertained about the nature of the problem. When better times return, some theories fade from memory. Others linger, however. During the economic mess of the past decade, economists frightened themselves with tales of “secular stagnation”: a nasty condition that dooms its victims to chronically weak growth. Now that the economic outlook is brightening a bit—deflation has been dispatched, and for most advanced economies 2017 is forecast to bring a third consecutive year of economic growth—it is tempting to laugh off the idea of secular stagnation as a bit of crisis-induced hysteria. Tempting, but also premature.
In a time of …

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