Buttonwood: The next leap

Posted: June 24, 2016 in economy
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March of the machines

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Helicopter money sounds radical. It may not be that much of a departure

WOULD “helicopter money” (the use of newly created money to finance government spending or tax cuts) be a revolutionary break from existing monetary policy? Its advocates argue that the tactic would give the global economy a much-needed boost; its detractors see it as a further step on the path towards fiscal irresponsibility and hyperinflation.
A paper from Toby Nangle of Columbia Threadneedle, a fund-management group, argues that helicopter money is not as radical a leap as you might think. Money is created in two ways. By far the largest proportion is generated by the banking sector when it lends to consumers or businesses. The bank creates a deposit in the name of the borrower which can then be spent. Mr Nangle refers to this as “inside money”. The other type, which he calls “outside money”, is that created by the government and central bank, including the notes and coins that everyone carries …

via Economic Crisis http://ift.tt/28PuCQi


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