Buttonwood: Loathe thy neighbour

Posted: January 8, 2016 in economy
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The Saudi blueprint

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Politics is making international co-operation harder

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POLITICS is local but most problems are international. That is the fundamental problem for national governments caught between the twin forces of globalisation and voters’ anger.
The European refugee crisis, for example, seems to cry out for a continent-wide solution. But the tide of migrants has been so vast that national governments have been tempted to put up barriers first, and answer questions later. The latest example saw Sweden introduce checks on those travelling from Denmark, leading the latter country, in turn, to impose temporary controls on its southern border with Germany. Anti-immigration parties have been gaining in the polls; with the exception of Angela Merkel, mainstream politicians want to head off the threat.

The current system combines unchecked movement within the Schengen area (which does not …

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