The Greek crisis: There comes up a day

Posted: July 2, 2015 in economy
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Europe’s future in Greece’s hands

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The Greek crisis


A nation decides its fate. Again



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FEW countries put sufficient store in rejecting things to have a national “No” day. But every October 28th Greece’s Oxi Day holiday commemorates the No with which it replied to a humiliating Italian ultimatum in 1940, a refusal to acquiesce that led to invasion.
The snap referendum that Alexis Tsipras called on June 26th after walking out of negotiations with the country’s creditors looks like the Greek prime minister’s attempt to stage another defiant rejection. He has urged Greeks to use the vote on July 5th to say Oxi to austerity and the “blackmail” of Greece’s creditors. The leaders of the European Union, for their part, are hoping for a resounding Nai: Yes to remaining within the euro and the wider European …<div class="og_rss_groups"></div>

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