Economic policy in Japan: End of the affair

Posted: April 9, 2015 in economy
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Economic policy in Japan


The government of Shinzo Abe is increasingly at odds with the central bank



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AN EARLY strength of Abenomics, the plan of Shinzo Abe, the prime minister, to revive Japan’s economy, was the tight bond between Mr Abe and his handpicked central-bank governor, Haruhiko Kuroda. Former chiefs of the Bank of Japan had adopted a defeatist stance towards Japan’s deflationary morass. Mr Kuroda, the prime minister believed, was a champion of his desire to revitalise Japan in large part through unorthodox monetary loosening. In early 2013, soon after Mr Abe took office, the central bank duly launched a radical programme of quantitative easing.
But now the two men appear at loggerheads. The main point of contention is fiscal policy, which to date has been very loose, with a …<div class="og_rss_groups"></div>

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