America’s economy: The lonely locomotive

Posted: November 28, 2014 in economy
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Should digital monopolies be broken up?

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America’s economy


A weaker world economy does not hurt, and may help, America

THERE is a spring in America’s step these days. A revision released this week raised annualised economic growth in the third quarter to 3.9%; it has averaged more than 4% in the past two quarters. The irrepressible stockmarket keeps hitting new highs, the most recent on November 26th. Job growth is accelerating. This is all the more remarkable because the rest of the world has hit the buffers. Japan has slid into recession, Europe is flirting with deflation and China has cut interest rates as growth flags. On November 25th the OECD, a club mainly of rich countries, said its members’ economies will grow just 1.8% this year and 2.3% next, about half a point slower than projected in May. Risks, it said, are on the downside.
Why the divergence? In part, it is a statistical quirk. America’s economy shrank in the first quarter, so its recent strength is from a low base. Output in the third …

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