Discount supermarkets: Going native

Posted: November 25, 2014 in economy
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Discount supermarkets


Ireland's grocery market shows Lidl and Aldi still have far to grow across Europe





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Even James Joyce now shops at Lidl

Even James Joyce now shops at Lidl

SHOPPERS all over Europe are gearing up for “Black Friday”, a pre-Christmas sales peak, due this week. Supermarkets are hoping it will mean bumper sales for them in the run up to Christmas. Although this shopping phenomenon originates in America, it is quickly taking hold in Europe too. Tesco of Britain and Carrefour of France are launching pre-Christmas offers this week, as are the European operations of Amazon, an American online retailer. However, after a dreadful year for mainstream supermarkets in Europe, discounters such as Aldi and Lidl are likely to continue taking market share from them.
The bosses of Europe’s supermarkets hope they can …

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