Spain’s monarchy: The end of Juancarlismo

Posted: June 2, 2014 in economy
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IT IS the end of a remarkable era. King Juan Carlos, the man who steered Spain to democracy but seemed to forget that, at least morally, a constitutional monarch can be held to account by his people announced his abdication today after 39 years on the throne.The decision caught Spaniards by surprise, even though rumours had been circulating for more than a year that the king realised he had made too many mistakes and was too tired to resolve a situation that is of his own, and his family’s, making.Spaniards have two main concerns, the economy and corruption. The royal family has given the impression of being blithely oblivious to both. King Juan Carlos had told Spaniards he had trouble sleeping at night because he lay awake worrying about the 50% of young people who cannot find jobs. But then he accepted a freebie elephant hunting trip to Africa and sneaked secretly out of the country for his jolly. This became public when he had to be flown home after tripping and hurting himself. Many Spaniards felt that he was trying to make fools of them.The king’s daughter, Princess Cristina, and his son-in-law have been in and out of court, defending themselves from accusations of sleaze and tax fraud. The case is ongoing, but few Spaniards now doubt that the son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, used and abused his royal status to both win public consultancy contracts and to invent …

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