An election in Ontario: Burdened by baggage

Posted: May 6, 2014 in economy
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KATHLEEN WYNNE seemed like the fresh face the flagging Liberal government in Ontario desperately needed when she took over as party leader and premier in January 2013. As the first woman to head Canada’s most populous province and the first openly gay premier in the country, she was at least superficially a change from Dalton McGuinty, whose decade-old Liberal government had become mired in a series of spending scandals. But those differences did not go deep enough for the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), whose leader Andrea Horwath precipitated a provincial election when she said May 2nd her left-leaning, third party would no longer prop up the minority Liberal government. Ontarians will vote June 12th.The government they elect will run a province that accounts for 40% of Canada’s economy, and is home to its financial centre and a large chunk of its manufacturing base. At issue in the election is whether the provincial economy, still bruised from the deep recession in the United States, will fare better under the low-tax, small-government policies advocated by the right-leaning Progressive Conservatives, the more free-spending ways of the NDP, or the stay-the-course tax-and-spend policies of the centrist Liberals.Ms Horwath cited three bungles, all with their roots in the McGuinty era, in her widely anticipated announcement: the cancellation of two gas plants for …

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