Turmoil in financial markets: Goldilocks and the bears

Posted: February 7, 2014 in economy
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The worldwide wobble

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Turmoil in financial markets


Investors have been forced to reassess their rosy view

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EQUITY markets started 2014 in a buoyant mood, after 30% gains for American shares in the previous year. Investors seemed to believe that the worst of the financial crisis was at last over and that the global economy was returning to “Goldilocks” mode, with growth neither so strong as to cause inflation nor so weak as to squeeze profits, but “just right”.
However, markets have been hit by a classic one-two punch in the opening weeks of the year. First, emerging-market currencies came under pressure, with the Argentine peso and Turkish lira, among others, falling sharply and several countries opting to increase interest rates. To add to the concern, Chinese economic data showed signs of weakness, with the purchasing managers’ index for manufacturing dropping to 50.5 in January, its lowest level in …

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