Food stamps: Pincer movement

Posted: September 27, 2013 in economy
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The new face of terror

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Food stamps


Republicans are trying to reduce food aid to the poor



BEFORE Fox News discovered Jason Greenslate, he was just another Californian beach slacker. But then he explained to conservative America that he had no interest in a regular job, yet received $200 a month in food assistance. Worse, he occasionally spent some of it on fresh seafood. Thus a new welfare bogeyman was born: Lobster Boy.
Lobster Boy is now Exhibit A in Republicans’ efforts to slash the cost of the food stamp programme, known as SNAP—federal food aid to the poor. On September 19th House Republicans passed a bill cutting $40 billion from SNAP over ten years.

The number of people claiming SNAP claimants has certainly grown. In July 2007, before the recession, 26.6m Americans received it. Four years later the figure had climbed to 45.3m. By June it was 47.8m. The cost this year is around $80 billion, more than twice as much …

via Economic Crisis


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