Spanish companies: An ill wind

Posted: June 14, 2013 in economy
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Secrets, lies and America’s spies

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Spanish companies


For all the hardship it is inflicting, the crisis is helping many firms sharpen up



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Baking biscuits round the clock

Baking biscuits round the clock

IN A windswept Castilian town 300km (190 miles) north of Madrid, Europe’s largest biscuit plant is churning out digestives, wafers and crackers around the clock. The economic crisis has not really hurt Galletas Gullón, a family-owned firm that dates back to the 19th century: its products are staples in Spanish households and its newer range of “healthy” biscuits created the market sector they dominate.
In fact, the crisis may even have helped, by forcing Gullón to look harder for growing markets outside Spain. Sales rose by 10% to around €216m ($277m) in 2012, says Juan Miguel Martínez Gabaldón, Gullón’s boss, but exports grew by …

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